Hallam Central Business Park, Hallam

Project value: $500,000

Project size: 48 Lots / 19 ha (45 of 2000-4000m2, 3 of 4000-6000m2)

Project type: Industrial Estate, Public Open Space

Client: Joint Venture between Bayport Group Leighton Properties, Elite Property Group and Delplant Group

This extensive development, zoned Industrial 1, is located at the junction of Wedgewood Road and National Drive, Hallam. Bayport Group completed all civil works at the site.

Landscaping works involved major rock placements, all the plantings for the streetscape and open park areas, and construction of walking tracks, seating and other community areas for use by the local businesses. A stand of existing mature trees was retained on site.

All water outfall from the estate is collected into an overland swale for filtration before being released to Melbourne Water stormwater infrastructure.