Completing civil works on greenfields sites – including earthworks, drainage, water and sewer infrastructure, road construction including signalling, electrical infrastructure and lighting – is a core part of the Bayport Group’s work.

The Bayport Group has strong relationships with local councils, utility providers and other authorities such as VicRoads, and full knowledge of their requirements and approvals processes, offering you the certainty that there will be no unforseen delays during construction.

Maintaining both an experienced staff and a full range of specialised equipment gives the Bayport Group the flexibility to work on jobs of all sizes, ensuring your project is fully resourced to meet your timelines.

The Bayport Group works across the Melbourne area.

The core business of the Bayport Group includes:

  • Earthworks
  • Residential estates
  • Industrial estates
  • Car parks
  • Landfill developments
  • Property developments
  • Road construction
  • Design and construction projects
  • Clay quarry operation
  • Plant and equipment hire
  • Site remediation and validation to EPA standards and accreditation


C Project 7 image 1 (Ambrosia)
Bayport Photography
Bayport Photography
Bayport Photography
Bayport Photography
C Project 2 image 1 (Wedgewood Rd)
Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne South