Somerfield Estate Stage 1L Playground & Stage 18 Reserve, Keysborough

Project value: $1.4 M

Project size: 2 ha

Project type: Public Playground & Open Space Reserve

Client: Intrapac Pty Ltd

Contract Type: Contract awarded after competitive tender

Bayport Landscaping was awarded this competitively tendered project as a Tract Consultants preferred contractor. This challenging and detailed project required all of Bayport’s diversified skillsets to complete the intricate hardscape and softscape scope design brief including surveying, earthworks, drainage, sewer, electrical, water, irrigation, concreting, carpentry, steel fabrication, stonework, rubber surfacing to complete the semi design and construction of the ‘Pirate Themed’ playground and interactive public and openspace reserve areas.

The brief required many different features and interactive customised play equipment to be constructed and installed with requirements for stringent regulations to accommodate fall zones and safety guidelines within a relatively tight area.

Some of the features of the project include the timber Pirate ships and fort on top of the central mound that incorporates slides and rope climbs and lookouts. A combined basketball and soccer court gives diversification to age groups, sheltered BBQ and seating areas along with 2 public toilets provide provision to families and residents of the estate. Concrete pathways lead into the openspace and grassed kickabout reserve and indigenous tree protection zones.

Bayport have continued to maintain and service the playground and reserves for an extended period of 3 years and have been able to ensure that the establishment of the feature planting and grassed areas are well cared for to allow the residents to enjoy this fantastic public space.